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Friday, January 10, 2020

The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?

You might have seen pair of DOGS having mating near the roadside but after sometime they get stuck in a position of butt to butt and not belly to back!!

This stuck position in DOGs during Mating is called as “Copulatory Tie”. This Mating Tie is generally observed in many Canines like FOX, JACKALS, WOLVES etc.

Because of this tie it ensures other DOGs to prevent mating with those pairs.The pair might crying, whimpering, growling or even barking during the DOG knot

The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?

When the DOG knot happens the male DOG doesn't have an option to make the next move as it waits for female's vaginal (Female private part) muscles to relax and pull out its penis(Male private part). Before gaining to normal size the male is still ejaculating.

    GENERAL TERMS of MALE Internal and External Organs (Anatomy Male DOG)

    Scrotum: It is external part of DOG. It acts a collection of sperm to protect and maintain the temperature of the sperm.

    Testicles: Present inside the Scrotum responsible to produce and mature Sperm and male hormone called testosterone.

    Epididymides: Present in both testicles and in form of tubes where sperm are stored and transferred to Vas deferens. It is a tube that connects a testicle to the vas deferens.

    Vas deferens:  It starts at epididymis and has the function of transferring the sperm towards prostate.

    Prostate: The prostate is a small gland located on top of the urinary bladder. It is for producing some amount of fluids (semen).

    Urethra: Urine and sperm with prostatic fluids are spilled out from Urethra.

    Foreskin: It is the upper skin of the private part which keeps it protected and lubricated.

    Penis: Male private parts which sometimes become erect when the DOG is excited.

    The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?

    GENERAL TERMS of FEMALE Internal and External Organs (Anatomy Female DOG)

    Ovaries:  It produces female hormones such as estrogen. Its size depends from breed to breed.

    Oviducts: They are tubes present in each of the ovaries which functions the movement of the egg towards the uterine horn.

    Uterus: They are two tubes purposed to carry the eggs inside the uterus if they are fertilized by the Male DOG sperm.

    Vagina: Female private parts where the intercourse takes place.

    Vaginal vestibule: It allows sperm to penetration during mating.

    Clitoris: This organ produces pleasure simulation during mating.

    Vulva: External part of private part, it expands during the intercourse.

    The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?


    STEP 1: Mounting The male DOG will climb up on the female DOG (bitch) which is termed as “flagging” in case for Female reaction showing her tail side end and moves her tail convincing to Male DOG that “I am ready to be MOTHER”. This action of female DOG makes the male to MOUNT on female.

    STEP 2: Locating the Vulva organ A non-experienced male DOG won’t easily get to know where the female internal part “vulva” is located. Male DOG will Mount and unmount itself & make an attempt to reach till Vulva Female Part

    STEP 3: Ejaculating After reaching Vulva the male DOG spills a prostatic fluid(semen) and sperm when reached to the peak point of humping.

    STEP 3.1: Urethral fraction- It spills some semen from penis to vagina so that the sperm can slip easily inside female private part. 

    STEP 3.2: Sperm fraction - The second ejaculation takes place where actual sperm are flushed as the size of male private part expands.

    STEP 4: Copulatory Tie After some time the bulbus glandis (male DOG internal organ) gets enlarged.  Due to this expansion the male private part remains inside the female private part. This is called as “Copulatory Tie”.

    STEP 5: Coming Out (Prostatic fraction) After the Copulatory tie, the DOGs detaches/uncouples from each other as the bulbus glandis relaxes its muscles after some 15 to 20 Minutes and the Sperms are deposited into the female organ.

    The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?
    (3rd [third] DOG TRYING TO MATE)

    24 General Questions With Answers You should Know before your DOG Mates....!!!

    1) What to Do If your DOG Get Stuck While Mating with Unknown DOG?

    If you untied your Pet DOG by mistake and it went for a MATE then don't stop the process as it could hurt your DOG and other unknown DOG.Whichever Gender DOG you might have take both the DOG’s to the VET and opt for a checkup. Don't take RISK.

    2) Do animals have pleasure when they mate?

    Yes, well in DOGS “Clitoris” organ is responsible to produce pleasure simulation during mating.

    3) What is Age from where DOGS can start Breeding ? / What is the best age to get a puppy?

    Breeding time varies from breed to breed. 

    They are:

    Small DOG breeds: Eighteen months old

    Medium DOG size :Eighteen months old

    Large DOG breeds: Twenty-four months old

    The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?

    4) How many times a day will DOGS mate? / How many times do DOGS have to mate to get pregnant?

    Thrice (3) in a DAY or less than that as frequency for mating in MALE is more than FEMALE.It can be continued with the next DAY also with the same couple of DOG.

    5) Do DOGS moan when they mate? / Do female DOGS feel pleasure when mating?

    If they have no experience about MATING then both sexes DOGS will moan.If you haven't observed moaning then the pair would definitely crying, whimpering, growling or even barking.

    The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?

    6) How soon can you tell if a DOG is pregnant after mating? / How do you know if mating is successful?

    Her teats (milk producing Gland) may change in colour and size increases from DAY. It will also produce a semi-clear fluid.

    DOG may vomit during the early stages of pregnancy.

    Her stomach looks swollen from mating Day to the DAY 40.

    She won't be active as usual she might be gaining more weight around DAY 35 (will also increase by more than 50% till DAY 60 to 65) and its normal also prepare for a VET checkup.

    Your Pregnant DOGS diet would be changed she might refuse the food you offered so plan her diet and appetite accordingly.
    The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?

    7) How many times can a male DOGS mate in a day?

    3 times or less in a DAY.


    8) Can DOGS get pregnant if they don't tie?

    YES...!!If but the rate of pregnancy will be fallen as less sperm have reached till the Female private part.Even if there is no tie there is some ejacuation from the Male private part.

    9) What do I do if my DOGS are stuck together?

    If the act was intentionally then let it be as it is. They will uncouple after 30 Minutes (Maximum 1 Hour).If the act was accidental wait for then to uncouple and take the pair to a VET. Priority should be given to both.

    10) How do you get 2 DOGS unstuck?

    Don't get your DOGS unstuck forcefully as in worst case the Male private part would be detached from its body and will bleed to DEATH.

    The Truth About WHY DO DOGS GET STUCK During Breeding?

    11) How long does it take for DOGS to get unstuck? / How long will DOGS stay stuck together after mating?

    Not more than 1 Hour. Uncouple can start from 5 Minutes to 30 Minutes also.

    12) Do animals mate with their siblings?

    YES...!! As siblings Don’t grow up socially together chances are that they MATE. Some people (DOG BREEDERS) purposefully MATE siblings to maintain the same characteristics and bloodline.

    13) How many times will a DOGS mate while in heat?

    In Female DOG it is calculated about twice a year or every 6 months, although it varies according to different DOG breeds.Heat Cycle in SMALL DOG BREED tends to 4 to 12 Months with an Average of 7 Months. LARGE DOG BREED will differ even with MEDIUM DOG BREED.

    14) Can DOGS get stuck together if the female is not in heat?

    NO…!! Female cannot be Pregnant even if she gets stuck. To protect non adult Female DOG SPAY her.

    15) How long will a male DOG be attracted to a female in heat?

    Approximately Till 18 days, but Different BREED can vary. 

    16) Can a DOG get pregnant by multiple DOGS?

    YES..!! But the first one to reach the mature ovaries will have Puppies.If follicles on the bitch's ovaries mature and ovulate at different times then it might be  litter of 10 puppies from 10 different MALES.

    17) Will a DOG still bleed after mating?

    Female will bleed mostly (but not often).After 9 to10 days, the bleeding will be more watery and stops.

    18) Can DOGS get sexually attracted to humans?

    Some desperate DOG do get sexually attracted to humans and will hump on people and other stationary objects. Contact the VET immediately.

    19) Can you use a pregnancy test on a DOG?

    YES….!! A VET can measure a hormone called relaxin from the blood with the help of DOG pregnancy test from 21 to 25 Days after Mating.

    20) How many months are DOGS pregnant?

    63 DAYS or Maximum Two and half a Month.

    21) Are most puppies born at night? / Do DOGS usually give birth at night?

    Signs of labour in Female body temperature drops from 38.5°C to 37°CIf you notice this first Sign then labour usually begins around 12-24 hours after that.Most of Female DOGS will give birth when no one is near-by her probably during LATE NIGHT than the chaos of Day time.

    22) Does walking induce labor?

    Not much but some amount of Exercise can fight roundworms and hookworms or even anxiety and depression in DOGS. Some Exercise can provide Strength to your DOG.

    23) Does a male DOGS know when the female DOGS is pregnant?

    DOGS only mate for reproduction. A female DOG that is pregnant is not a female that is in heat, so the male knows that the female is pregnant and will not wish to mate with her.

    24) Do male DOGS know their puppies?

    YES…..!! under some conditions some male are not allowed by the Mother to stay nearby the new born pups.After some days the Male can identify by sniffing its puppies.


    Some irrelevant questions like my dog got stuck in me could not find answer and its illegal to do that act and could risk the DOG and your HEALTH too. 
    Take the best care of newborn pups under the guidance of the VET.
    Keep the mamma DOG healthy during her pregency.

    P.S. : The above information is just for reference. 
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