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Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Imagine you have Special Guest around your House your DOG comes in licks your Guest's hand and later licks its PRIVATE PART then you and your Guests are like “YAAAAAAKK” & “Oh MY GOOOOSSSH”.

You might be thinking that my DOG keeps licking his private area, and its red or my DOG keeps licking her private area and crying or why does my male DOG licking his private area, so much or why do DOGS lick themselves or why do DOGS lick their puppies privates or my DOG keeps whining and licking himself or DOG keeps licking privates even after spay

Poor DOGS don’t know that this behaviour could make their Owners awkward in the situation where the DOG is lying on the street, and you are HOLDING THE HARNESS and your DOG licking its ANUS & PRIVATE PART.



The DOG licks their private part for many reasons, just like to cure if there is any irritation to it to feel some sexual pleasure (Masturbation) and most importantly to keep themselves clean, for example Grooming its fur


    • DOGS with bladder infection may lick male private part (penis) or female private part (vulva) for more than estimated time although after urinating or during lying down doing nothing. 
    • If your DOG has genital swelling and may urinate more frequently and may strain to urinate and produces very little urine  and they sometimes lick themselves excessively after urinating. Urinary Tract Infection/Bladder infections are most commonly caused by bacteria that are usually treated with Prescribed Medications (Both oral and Injectable) from the VET, are quite effective in resolving bladder infections
    • If your DOG's upper urinary tract or kidneys is infected then treatment may require more time to Cure Up. VET can perform various tests like urine test, urine production amount, and blood tests will help to determine the best medication and treatment
    • Some changes in supplements or special diets during the treatment may alters the improvement in the bladder and help prevent repeated infections for the DOG. 
    • Unlike adult canines some puppies are also detected with UTI. Although if the Mother DOG is cleaning and licking its puppy’s private part although puppy’s frequent licking of the private area increases then it is an indication of UTI. 

    • Puppies are so delicate to handle if this infection spreads so be on alert for any other possible signs of UTI, such as if you see urine in the BLOOD, odd smell of urine, weight loss of puppy, fluctuating fever, etc
    • If there are any signs observed mentioned above would lead to UTI then it's time to take your puppy to the VET without wasting time


    • If your DOG or Puppy comes across foxtails seeds after outdoor breaks, then it could be the reason for private part licking issues. 
    • Certain types of grasses feature seed emitting grass that can get stuck on all parts of your pet like the nose to lungs and between the toes and inside the ears to the brain, eyes to pupils and mouth to stomach or from paws to its genital area could have a major hazard like digging the fur till you see a patch of DOG skin. 
    • Puppy get direct attack of FOXTAILS because they don’t know what is good or bad for them and it could lead to discomfort or pain, so don’t take your pup to the grass until it is a bit grown up.



    • Allergies could cause due to food or grass which are pollinating in backyard or pesticides can also cause irritation to sensitive skin and also in gentile areas. Avoiding allergies like to clean the body of your DOG which has touched the ground like Belly, Feet, Gentile area with a Damp Napkin which could reduce the pollen seeds stuck on the fur
    • As the female private part (vulva) is exposed in case male private part is protected by a sheath called the Preputial (fold of a skin above penis), infectious bacteria or any harmful chemical substances can irritate female private part. This causes allergies, infections, and problems in the urinary tract and can also affect in the reproduction system
    • If your young female DOG often licks her vulva (during non heat period) then treat her with the help of a VET as early as possible. 


    • If you pet DOG is making a habit or compulsion or forcing to repetitively do something like excessive licking of private part or Masturbation then you have to take some serious steps to take it to MATE else “Sterilization” for Male DOGS and “Spay” for female DOGS. 


    • Is your DOG licking at a rash around its privates? Because this area is to develop a rash & when it's irritated by allergens or even insects or parasite problem or skin infection. 
    • The presence of bacteria and yeast on the DOG skin is very normal but if it seems in excess rate or if the skin is unhealthy or if the DOG is immunity power is compromised then chance of Skin Infection is always high. Skin Infection can be very uncomfortable and irritating and result in constant licking of the affected area until the core of Skin
    • Don’t try to wash your DOG's rash with mild or cool water using a gentle soap, but if the rash lasts for more than a couple of days, then you should take your DOG to the VET to checkup. The occurrence of reddish area or pimples usually shows a sign of bacterial infection just like in humans and need compulsory VET therapy. 
    • A bad odor or reddish-black discoloration of the skin near the Gentile area or Anus indicates a yeast infection that requires has to be recovered with therapy before it spreads. 
    • If the DOG constantly licks herself and if her vulva has pus, bleeding, redness or swelling, her vulva could be inflamed or infected (even if she is not in heat) if it gets more contact with air then, it could lead to Skin Infection. 
    • On the off chance that you see these side effects, take your pooch to the VET as quickly in time. Microorganisms or microscopic organisms spread rapidly and any contamination could spread through her blood circulation system to the rest of her body. It is particularly critical to ensure that the contamination doesn't contact her uterus or ovaries as the infection, could affect her potential for reproduction


    • Some female DOGS fluctuate abnormal hormonal levels. These conditions can cause hyperactivity (humping on another stuffs or even on you), stress or anxiety or mood swings (growling on you or non-living thing). As a result, the DOG starts up licking her vulva to satisfy herself not necessary during heat period OR it can be anytime. 


    • All DOGS have two anal glands in their body, one is scent glands which is located near the rectum. These glands when filled with unpleasant fluid that is normally discharged during pooping and want to empty themselves when a pressure is applied by the rectal muscles during a bowel movement. If this gland becomes stuck and blocked, the discomfort and irritation could cause your DOG to lick this area excessively. 
    • Owners don’t even realize that anal glands are there however, when anal glands become over-filled and are ready to be released. Impacted glands emit a harmful odour, and the anal area may become swollen and irritated. In response to the irritation, the DOG may lick the affected region or scoot and rub the anus on the ground to relieve the pressure near the blocked gland by the unpleasant fluid
    • A VET will be needed to drain manually emptying the swollen anal glands usually resolves the problem and if it is ignored then causes the fluid to be so thick that it doesn’t flow through the narrow opening towards the rectum. VET will consultant Medication & warm water soaks which may improve the discomfort. 
    • Anal Gland Impaction turns to severe infection. Severe infections may lead to the formation of swelling that fallings-out of fluid through the skin to the outside area around the anus. Repeated infections may require surgical removal of the glands. 



    • Excessive licking can be a Mental behavioural rather than a medical issue. Nervous DOGS tend to over-groom themselves to ignore the stressful situations like separation anxiety, or a change in their environment or lifestyle, because licking releases pleasant endorphins the calming effect of those brain chemicals. 
    • Try to overcome your DOG's attention by playing with its favourite toy or taking for a walk to get their mind off from compulsive licking. 


    • DOGS also suffer to lot of stress. It is common for DOGS to be restless and anxious. Some DOGS even get stressed from the environment in which they live or if they moved to cities from farmyards, etc. 
    • All animals, including DOGS need to find a way to escape their stress so some DOGS bark, some need rigorous exercise, and some tends to lick themselves compulsively when stressed out. 
    • Your DOG's behavior of licking her privates may be caused because of stress. If your DOG is anxious, licking herself may be a way to calm nerves. There are different products to help to keep your DOG clam like thunder shirts and pheromone collars.

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