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Sunday, July 14, 2019


Mounting (also known as "humping" or "hunching") is a normal behaviour in both DOG SEXES even before they reach before sexual maturity. FEMALE DOG is more sexually active than MALE DOG 2 years prior. 


  • While it is part of sexual behaviours, it does not always occur in any of sexual situation. It is common to play between puppies, trying to establish dominance over other, acts as a stress reliever when your dog is excited or over-stimulated, or as an attention-seeking behaviour. It is observed that a spayed female is less likely to display mounting behaviours than a complete female.

  • Make sure that you are not promoting the mounting behaviours by providing a lot of attention when it happens; in general, just ignore such attention-seeking behaviours if you want them to stop. Be sure that your dog is getting enough of other attention and plenty of exercise. Also, when the mounting behaviours occurs, you can train your dog to offer an alternate behaviour that you can reinforce instead; this can be as simple as "sit", "come", or "lie down", “shake your hand and his paw” etc.


  • The most obvious reason for DOG to humps his unlucky toys is because the DOG "in the mood." No matter if your DOG is MALE or FEMALE, you may prefer not to think about it, but it's natural for your DOG to get sexually excited as humans do even if he's been neutered, in many cases. While a dog who hasn't been fixed is more likely to hump, your fixed friend won't stop to feeling energetic just because he had the big shear to do some. Both male and female dogs hump. In most cases humping is a harmless behaviour, but it can become a compulsive behaviour is ignored all the time. If your DOG is doing it all the time that points with his/her daily life, which should be visited to vet or a certified dog trainer

  • Dogs sometimes mount on other animals and people to show off social status, control and dominance. A dog mounting for this reason may or may not display an erection, but he’s not likely to ejaculate.

  • Your DOG may hump for nonsexual reasons as well. If he's feeling really excited, he may hump the nearest thing he/she can find on. While this may appear sexual in nature but just for a way that to get out some of the excitement. It's likely to happen when he's in a situation that provides a lot of stimulation, like at a dog park or when he's playing with his pal. If your DOG humps on his/her pet friend, he's/she’s not necessarily coming onto him/her and he/she may just honestly be excited to see him/her.

  • Usually, dogs aren't emulating mating behaviours when they hump. Nonsexual encouragement is one reason likely to provoke a dog to hump on other. It's just a way for the dog to burn off energy or relieve stress and strain. Some dogs bark, some run or jump, and others hump in excitement. This is normal for many dogs.

  • Some dogs respond to stressful or exciting situations by mounting and even masturbating. For instance, after meeting a new dog or person the excited dog may mount another dog, his owner or a nearby object, like a dog bed or a toy or literally anything.

  • Over excitement can bring out mounting behaviours in any dog, even females included. It’s not uncommon to see humping at the dog park or doggie day-care; places where there’s a good chance of dogs becoming over stimulated. When dogs get over excited their energy has to go somewhere. Some dogs get the zombie’s, while others start to hump.

  • Humping in dogs can be seen in a number of different situations, and the target of the humping is widely varied. Some dogs become over excited during play sessions and start humping their owners’ legs, while others tend to only mount other dogs.

  • For some dogs having visitors over causes over stimulate and for others it’s a trip to the dog park. At its core humping in dogs (for both males and females) is a nonspecific encouragement response.

  • If your DOG is feeling anxiousattention, he/she may start humping away on his/her favourite stuffed animal. Just as when he/she is feeling excited, he/she may find an outlet for his anxiety by humping. This could entail risk if he/she humps something other than a non-living object for instance, another dog who doesn't appreciate the  and responds with aggression. 

  • Don't let your DOG to get too close to an unknown dog when you spot humping frequently who could attack if your DOG gets too friendly. Warn visitors that your DOG may hump things or latch onto their legs with positive side. If a stressful situation, like visiting the vet, triggers the behaviours, try desensitizing him: Have him visit the vet frequently just to say hello and perhaps get a treat. Soon, he'll associate his former fear with happy thoughts and will be less likely to hump during the anxious time’s.

  • Boredom and loneliness can trigger your dog to start humping one of his toys to get your attention. He may remember how quick you were to respond it's a good way to get you to pay attention to him. If you find the behaviours undesirable, all you need to do is get up and walk away, showing him no attention at all. 

  • Giving him attention, be it loving or scolding, to stop his/her humping will actually strengthen the behaviours. Make sure to find time every day to give your buddy some exciting time with you so he doesn't feel the need to beg for attention via humping.

  • An intact dog (not spayed or neutered) may hump other dogs due to hormones towards sexual attraction. When both dogs are intact, they usually end up mating, so you need to separate undamaged dogs of the opposite sex if you don't want that to happen and could end up friendship with the other DOG’s owner. If you think your dog may become aggressive if you stop him from mounting other dogs, people or objects, do not attempt to do so.

  • Sometimes, one intact dog will hump a spayed or neutered dog. Females hump too, and it may be sexual in nature. When a dog humps objects or people, it might be a form of masturbation. Having your dog neutered or spayed may help with the problem, but be aware that dogs may develop the habit of humping before they're altered and continue it even afterward.


  • We can say that humping in dogs is not just about reproduction, nor is it the sign of a necessarily dominant dog. Humping is seen in dogs of both sexes whether they’re fixed or not. Humping is classified as a non-specific arousal in dogs, and it can be triggered by multiple situations.


  • Mounting behaviours is seen in puppies as young as 6 weeks old yes you read it right and although it tends to appear more in males and a lot of females mount as well. And just as tail wagging doesn’t always indicate a happy dog, when it comes to mounting there’s multiple reasons behind the behaviours.


  • Like playing fighting, play humping can be a completely normal and an acceptable behaviour between two dogs as long as it doesn't upset one of the dogs or perform mating. Some dogs play hump each other back and forth, and everything is absolutely fine with it. Some dogs simply enjoy humping as fun. Make sure to break it up if one of the dogs seems annoyed by the humping.


  • Various medical problems, including urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, priapism (persistent to often painful erections) and skin allergies, can encourage a dog’s mounting behaviours. These issues can be serious if not well properly treated and require medical attention of VET rather than behavioural treatment. Dogs suffering from one of these or any other medical issues often spend a lot of time licking and chewing the genital area. If you notice your dog excessively mounting, licking or chewing himself, or rubbing his body against furniture or other objects, take him to a veterinarian to rule out medical concerns.

  • Before you try to train your dog not to hump, you should find out if any medical causes. While humping is not usually related to a medical condition, there are a few possibilities.

  • If masturbating become a compulsive habit, especially if a dog does is in response to stress. Compulsions like mounting and masturbating can interfere with a dog’s normal behaviour.


  • If this behaviour is frequent, training may help by redirecting your dog to another outlet for its excess energy.

  • Training may be useful in decreasing the frequency and intensity of play humping.

  • Try to keep opposite sexes at a bay.

  • Try to distract your Pet, as your PET will show some sign prior to hump observe those signs and make him/her distract before the act.


  • Consult a VET for Vasectomy if thing go out of control for MALE, be aware the male can carry fertile sperm for around 3 to 4 weeks even after surgery, so plan ahead. Indeed, neutering the FEMALE has health advantages to her, such as eliminating the risk of pyometra in later life.

  • Spaying female dogs is the most efficient way of stopping the potential for pregnancy. This surgery involves a veterinarian removing the ovaries and uterus of the dog.


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