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Friday, July 5, 2019



A fresh amount of dirt from the backyard is an evidence that your DOG has been doing a little excavating of precious things. At the backyard, the doggie engineered ground often lies a treasure of prized bone or any other near and dear items. 

Dogs like to bury things in ground. Sometimes it means finding a bone or a toy under a fresh pile of dirt in your backyard, it may be like discovering the Shoe, TV remote at the bottom of the laundry basket or under all your dirty clothes or wondering how your mobile phone got under the couch cushion…...?

Though these things may seem different, but they are all really signs of the same thing that all dog’s do: your DOG’s natural instinct to keep “his” things safe and protected regardless whether or not products are actually his.

Some breeds are more prone to digging, which make them tend to hide their treats and toys more often than other breeds. If you have more than one PET DOG or any other PET then your DOG will sure hide things from the multi DOG.

Why do dogs do this?

“Because it seems necessary for their survival.”


Generations ago in wild, when DOG’s roamed, they had to hunt for their food. It often took a lot of time, energy and manage small puppies to catch and kill something, and then as soon as they managed to do that, other animals would be after it if they smelled the meat. And, of course, there were also some occasions encountered where a hunt might have gone too well but the dog simply wasn’t able to finish his entire meal.

What’s was the solution to both problems? “BURY THE FOOD.”

By burying carcasses and bones, DOG’s were essentially creating natural refrigerators for them with the help of mother Earth. The dirt prevented other creatures from smelling and finding their hard-earned food, maintained long term freshness by keeping away from direct sunlight, which also “marinated” the food with the tastes of the mother Earth. This natural “aging” made the bone tastier too.


Your DOG should NOT worry about getting Stomach full of Diet Food. If you feed any Street DOG it will Naturally BURY the DOG FOOD as to save some for tomorrow else for her Puppies. 

So why does your DOG still bury things? There are a number of reasons:

  • Even if you know that your DOG is never going to have to get tensed about food even though if you’ve been feeding them every day for years, that doesn’t remove that natural urge they have to ensure their future needs by making things sorted for later.

  • You’re Giving Them Too Much of Dog Food? The other side of the instinct to bury things has nothing to do with fear of starvation or protecting from other predators. If you’re overly generous with your DOG in terms of toys or treats, burying them is a way for them.

  • This behaviour in a healthy dog suggests they have more than they need and can afford to save food for later. Domestic dogs are typically fed on a reliable time and quantity schedule and should not feel the need to stash with leftovers.

  • Sometimes they may even want to bury items because they’re too good for them, weather to eat all at once or they want to save them and can enjoy them again later.


  • If your DOG is getting bored, lonely, or simply and wants to get your attention, then it is common for your DOG to bury things to get you to “play” with them just like HIDE & SEEK. Often, these hidden items will be everyday thing’s like shiny things of jewellery or watches, objects, mobile phone which is accessible to bring from the mouth. They know these things are “valuable” to you, like shoes or TV remotes as your DOG observes you daily. DOG’s learn quickly that negative attention is better than no attention at all.

  • The best way to unmasks this urge to bury things is to minimize your DOG’s access to the objects from their reach also rotate toys for your DOG to provide variety for playing. If you have trouble stopping your dog from burying things outside make sure your DOG doesn’t make contact with any chemical’s sprayed in your backyard.


  • There are several breeds that make more predisposed to digging and burying than others dog breeds. A few of these breeds consists of Terriers, Dachshunds, Beagles, Basset Hounds and Miniature Schnauzers. Carin Terriers, for instance, which are originally bred to chase and hunt in small game, and they have maintained for their excellent digging skills and their instinct to find, search and rescue.

  • Since these breeds are bred specifically to dig and they may also have a heightened desire to save their resources, and therefore are more likely to bury bones in order to protect from other predators. This is a normal behaviour for them. Regardless of a dog’s breed, all dogs have the potential to dig and have FUN activity.


  • Dogs need long walk and exercise for keeping their energy UP every day and when we are not able to provide for them then they will find their own ways to occupy themselves. Don’t let your DOG feel alone!


  • Stress and anxiety can play a part in this behaviour well some dogs that are feeling anxious, may bury items so to calm themselves since digging is a self-soothing behaviour. If a dog does not feel safe or is irritating background at the moment or in the area they are fed in, they may bury their food to eat or any loved property in a more comfortable place or time. These kinds of behaviour is often seen some more of this behaviour in multi-DOG households, or among DOG’s that grew up under same roof situations where they had scarce of resource to claim again.


  • If you caught your DOG red hand trying to hide something don’t pull from his mouth this could harm his teeth and in an upbeat tone, call your dog’s name to get their attention.

  • Allow him to give it back to you don’t forcefully remove, redirect your dog to an appropriate digging area, a short game of play, or other incompatible behaviour and reward and don’t scold for this behaviour it could also be your mistake for not letting him walk or exercise.

  • In case he had contact with any chemical pesticides contact to VET immediately as DOG nose is very PRONE to sensitivity.

  • Domestic dogs may suffer intestinal problems if they eat bones. Make sure to Point this out.

  • Burying both food and non-food items for DOG’s doesn’t seem harmful, but constant digging can create problems.

  • Some compulsive DOG’s dig until their paws become raw and sore. Paws can also be injured if exposed to chemical contact made into the soil.

  • If your dog is burying your items or burying their toys out of boredom, do the following:
  1. In an upbeat tone, call your dog’s name to get their attention.
  2. Redirect your dog to an appropriate digging area, a short game of play, or other incompatible behaviour and reward.

  • Put a limit on dog’s access for their toys so that they become less interested in the toys that you leave out for them. By limiting the quantity and providing variety, you may reduce the urge to take their treasures out into the yard and bury them and take them for a long walk rather than playing with toys.

  • If your dog does become obsessed with hiding food or a toy behaviour, to the point that you can’t interrupt him or he does it for long periods of time, and doesn’t responds to you then you may need to consult your veterinarian

What’s the strangest thing your dog every buried? Tell us in the comments

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