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Sunday, July 21, 2019


DOGs shiver because of 2 Main Reasons
1. They need your attention (DOG’s are smart actors).

2. Something is bothering them.

dog shivering

Watch out for Tail tucked between two legs, ears are pulled down, eyes are lowering, hiding themselves, whipping will be the action ofDOG/PUP before they start to shiver.

Let’s discuss what is the problem and solution


  • This is a common behaviour seen in all DOG’s and pups if they are wet, they will get rid by drying off or if any insect is irritating his body, which is not a serious issue to react upon. DOGs have talent to remove 70% of water from their FUR as they have mastered drying.


  • After a DOG had *VOMIT/THROW UP* or had a diarrhoea then he might lose control over himself and needs to get support of a wall or something stiff. DOG’s needs to give support as they lost energy while vomit and diarrhoea their legs don’t have the capability to even stand. Support your DOG and immediately contact to the nearest VET.


  • Many DOG will fake their owner’s about shivering and poor owners will grab them feed them love them. But DOGS are INTELLIGENT ANIMALS they will pretend to fake it every time and you will be in their web. Stop paying attentions it occurs many a times. Kindly ignore this fake Behaviour. Pretty smart, right?
dog shivering


  • DOGs can experience nausea from taking a new medication, or even from uncomfortable boat or car ride. They’ll often start shaking and shiver because of nausea. Nausea is a symptom of serious conditions like liver disease or kidney failure and will vomit due to bad stomach and drool (excessive salivation).


  • Limping is a case where your DOG’s congenital growth-related conditions or uncommon instances of cancer or DOG is underweight/overweight. If your Pet DOG had a major accident (like being hit by a car) or had a serious DOG fight, or falling from a great height, your DOG might recall it and cannot control the shivering action. 

  • We as humans also have the same tendency to shiver if something bad has happened with us in our past. If your DOG had a fight or hit or fallen from somewhere then there is possibility of soft tissue damage, or a strong chances of a broken bone.


  • Canine distemper and other types of neurological issues may cause your DOG to shiver uncontrollably for longer periods of time. This virus is seen in most of the times in puppies because of the poor VACCINATION TECHNIQUES . This type of virus to be cured may need seek of medication under the strict guidance of the VET.


  • CHOCOLATE IS POISION FOR ALL DOG’S. Never give any access to your DOG for Chocolate treat. Chocolate’s or sugar xylitol are toxic to DOGs may cause shivering as they don’t have digesting power as Humans have.

  • If your DOG is obsessed with foaming at the mouth, collapsing, or biting their tongue it is the reasons of Seizure Disorder. A seizure is when the DOG suddenly loses all body control, paddling their legs, jerking or shaking. It can last for a number of minutes.


  • Pet DOG may fear if he is hiding something from you. If there is any lightening storm or too many unknown people because not being socialized, separated from owner or any of previous abuse or abandonment may cause fear for his existence AND MIGHT HIDE UNDER THE BED .


  • If you recently moved to a cold place where your DOG might not know his new home. Common reason a DOG shivers is due to being cold. A normal DOG’s temperature can be highest 102.5 F. As DOG’s body is warmer than a person, just touching your DOG and making a GUESS may not get a conclusion if he is feeling cold or not.

  • Feeling cold and shivering is just a natural sign. So be prepared during the winter months with DOGs being outside walk, especially with little DOGs and those who have small fur.


  • All DOG get are more prone to ear infections. Owners should watch out for excessive head shaking to provide temporary relief. If your DOG is swimming/ or taking bath and is shaking his head severely afterwards then he is maybe suffering from an ear infection. Owners should always check and dry DOGs’ ears thoroughly if they’ve been in water.

  • This head shaking for ear can lead to more problems, for example when blood accumulates in the flap of the ear then VET call it as an ear hematoma.


  • If when observing your DOG, you notice awkward movements like bloating or not sitting properly, walking neatly is a sign of physical discomfort. Your DOG is suffering from a fracture or some condition such as swelling.


  • DOGS are intelligent animals and are also intelligent in hiding pain inside them after the highest level of tolerance they will reveal their sickness or pain they are suffering from, keep watch on his any kind of introvert kind of behaviour.


  • Saddest but not shameful situation to tell his owner but cannot express “I want to go to potty come on open the door lazy man”. Any DOG who is trained to POOP outside the house will never mess inside the house. If you are experienced owner and could try to read his face then it might be the sign to POOP. 


  • DOGs can get stressed out and become anxious like humans. If the shivering and shaking is accompanied by EXCESSIVE PANTING (breath fast), this is usually a sign of stress, which brings pain and leads to discomfort. If you used a thermometer for checking temperature and if it shows 103 Degrees immediately visit the VET don’t stop and may benefit from an anti-anxiety medication during the stressful periods. Stress develop due to negative past and might chew off the furniture in stress condition. Socialize your puppy/DOG to people to reduce stress in future.




  • Addison’s disease also called hypoadrenocorticism. It is a disorder in where the adrenal gland doesn’t produce enough of the hormones like cortisol and aldosterone and cause shaking. The adrenal gland is present near the Kidney which works to regulate several bodily functions like production of cortisol and aldosterone. 

  • Cortisol is a steroid that helps your DOG to overcome stress and aldosterone helps to regulate the water and electrolytes levels in the body. If anything become imbalanced might affect the whole body of DOG to shiver.


  • The BADDEST of all. As your DOG gets older, he develops shakes in his hind legs, pains in his knees or joints. While a certain amount of age shaking is common in all DOG’s. But nothing can be done just taking care of it.


  • When DOG is having Vomit or is throwing up don’t feed him for next 6 to 8 hours.

  • If you detect that your DOG is faking behaviour for attention kindly IGNORE HIM.

  • Make your PET’s comfortable while travelling or visiting to VET.

  • If moved to a new cold place take fragile care of pups and those breeds who have no fur or less fur.

  • Check him physically for any ear problem or any facture on his body may keep him shivering.

  • Try to have a DOG HOLE ready on the DOOR according to small medium large breed size for any emergency to get of the house like to poop outside.

  • If you have healthy relation with your DOG like morning long walks, talking to each other, etc can keep the stress at a BAY. Stress/loneliness can also cause DOG’s to shiver.

  • Because of OLD AGE in DOGs they start to have pain in their legs so always spend more time with your PET DOGS.

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