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Sunday, July 7, 2019




  • Your snooring DOG suddenly starts moving his feet as fast as possible, but his eyes are still closed. The body starts to twitch and quiver and he may chant a little. He looks like he is running on his side, possibly chasing a bad ass in his dreams. And looks funny

  • A DOG running in his sleep is a funny behaviour but can be observed in some DOG’s. Sleep walking in DOG's is less observed. DOG shaking when breathing in while sleeping as they get tensed if they dream BAD and tend to provide more Oxygen to Brain

What does it really mean?

  • Are they just dreaming or is something else more serious going on with your DOG's body?

  • DOG’s will run, growl, twitch, bark, moan, or yell in their sleep seems seriously funny because of their innocent behaviour and will changes sleeping location.

  • DOG’s sleep for about 12 to 14 hours straight a day, when your DOG is sleeping it may twitching while awake himself after some moment, jerk or even bark. Seeing this can be humorous, but it can also be disconcerting, that is your dog having a nightmare, or Is your dog simply dreaming about chasing a squirrel?

  • It’s the dream that your DOG has performed all the day. Like if you think about you are sitting under a tree and eating an apple you might dream the same during you are sleeping.

  • These may seem to be an odd behaviour to us but this is no other than what a human does like sleepwalks or talks in their sleep.

  • In fact, the majority of the time a DOG running in his sleep a normal behaviour.

Just like us, dogs dream. They go through three sleep stages:

1) NREM: - Non-Rapid Eye Movement

2) REM: - Rapid Eye Movement

3) SWS: - Short-Wave Sleep

  • When your dog first falls asleep, it is quiet and peaceful. The animal’s breathing will slow down, and it won’t typically notice what’s going on around it.

  • During REM stage, the eyelids may open, revealing the whites of the DOG’s eyes, dog’s whiskers or lips may shiver, and he may cry out. The heart rate slows, and the blood pressure drops.

  • Within about 10 minutes, the dog may enter the REM stage of sleep. It’s normal for a dog to make a twitch or the tail may move or the skin along the dog’s entire body may jerk gently and will perform all automatically. Your dog may move his paws as though it is running but he is Dreaming.

  • If your dog barks in sleep, it is not necessarily at all of having a bad dream but barking is one of the only ways that dogs can communicate.

  • It is in the SWS stage that a dog breathes heavily while he is sleeping. Dogs dream during the REM stage and act on their dreams by twitching or moving all four paws as if they were chasing a cat.

  • Dogs who sleep all curled up must keep their muscles tensed and are therefore less relaxed than dogs who stretch out when they sleep and are less likely to twitch in their sleep.

  • Young puppies do dream  and senior DOG’s tend to move in their sleep and to dream more than adult DOG’s. If you are sleeping close by, they may unintentionally wake you up in mid night because of their intense body movements. DON’T SHARE YOUR BED WITH DOG


  • This is a Natural Behaviour just call up your DOG’s name calmly, your DOG will wake up without any stress.

  • Don’t freak out and yell under pressure.

  • Don’t share your BED with your DOG.

  • Don’t touch your DOG when he is dreaming, he might BITE you.

  • Difference in temperature can cause cold dogs to twitch during their sleep, in that moment body’s attempt to stay warm. If you suspect that this is the case, turn up the heat or provide your dog with a blanket to keep warm.

  • It is also very good behaviour for dogs to dream as it is very good for their brain. So, the best thing you can do is let your dog sleep.

  • Keep an eye on your dog in case he has frequent seizures. Consult your dog’s vet for further instructions. Your dog may even be put on medication to help out of seizures.

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